As a kid he wanted to design album covers.It was many years back, 8th grade or so, Craig was spending the night with a good friend named Bubba. After hours of hanging out, and unable to fall asleep on the floor, he reached over and pushed play on the cassette player. From the first note of TWANG TWANG SHOCKA BOOM's "Me so Twangy" album, Craig wanted to play guitar. "OF COURSE.. learn guitar, record album... DESIGN THE COVER." It was motivation to play... but he learned that music was the actual goal.... fast forward nearly 20 years later.. Craig was honored to have David Garza (The lead Twanger) guest on his upcoming album... How cool is that?

With roots growing currently deeper in Austin, Craig spent his youth near the Gulf Coast of South Texas in a town named Portland. After getting his BFA in Communication Design at Texas State (San Marocs) at the turn of the century, he made it further up I-35 to his home in the Capital of Texas. But his true home is on stage. Whether using his guitar as a podium, or performing improv comedy with the KNUCKLEBALL NOW, Craig strives to remind people that life is more than work and bills. Constantly in creative mode, his stream of energy flows past the banks of Songwriting/Singing (or commonly vice versa), Improvisational Comedy, and Graphic Design. He draws inspiration from the "little things" in life that seem to find us all. Focusing on the positives, even in the negatives, he believes that if you can learn from it, then it was a blessing.

The improvisor in him knows that being in the moment is all we have. The musician in him know that any message with a melody is better received. The graphic designer in him knows that there are many solutions to a problem, and everything has its place. The Chicago Cubs fan in him knows that love and lose are just one letter away... and the spiritual side of him knows that you got to do the best with what you have...